Calamu Protect Now Supports Wasabi Storage and External File Share

September 20, 2022  2 Min Read
By: Calamu

Calamu, a data-first cyberstorage platform, today announced the latest version of its Calamu Protect platform. Calamu Protect Version 1.3 now includes external file share, support for new storage locations, integrated support ticketing, and a number of enhancements.

Calamu Protect is a data-first cyberstorage solution that transforms the way data is processed and stored to provide active protection against ransomware. Complementing existing IT security frameworks, Calamu Protect bridges the gap between perimeter defenses and reactionary recovery solutions, which fail to address the growing threat of data theft and data exfiltration. Calamu’s patented technology automatically encrypts and fragments data into pieces, then scatters them across geographically dispersed storage locations, neutralizing any breach, exfiltration attempt, or ransomware attack by ensuring a complete file does not exist in any single location.

What's New In Calamu Protect

Wasabi Support

Calamu Protect now supports Wasabi storage locations along with Azure, Google, AWS, and local options. Users can access their Wasabi storage vaults from the Locations and Maps widgets in the platform. Integration with Wasabi offers Calamu customers a high-performing and cost-effective solution for greater flexibility when designing their Data Harbor. Learn more about Calamu for Wasabi.  

External File Share

Calamu Protect now allows files from the Data Harbor to be shared with external parties who are not registered users in the Calamu Protect Platform.  The newly enabled Share button in the file explorer sends an email to the recipient to access the shared file which includes authentication through SMS for added security.  Calamu users can also view an audit trail of which data objects have been shared using this feature in the newly added External File Share Report.

Integrated Customer Service Support

Calamu users can now create a Support Ticket with Calamu directly from the web-based Calamu Protect Console via integrated support button.  

User and Performance Enhancements  

Other user and overall performance enhancements included in Calamu Protect Version 1.3 are a simplified one-click experience to add Vaults to Groups, support for larger file sizes, augmented self-healing monitoring and readiness support for the upcoming Calamu Desktop.

Available Today

Calamu Protect 1.3 is available today. For more information and to see how Calamu Protect works, check out this video


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