The Calamu Process

Calamu’s patented process ensures that data is always available to authorized users and applications, and completely valueless to everyone else.

How it Works

Calamu Protect™ can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises via API and supports Docker and Kubernetes. The platform works by processing data from S3-API compatible applications, local file servers, and end-user devices, protecting data while at-rest and in-motion. Data is automatically fragmented and scattered across multiple separate storage locations, creating a virtual environment known as a data harbor. Seamlessly and transparently, the data can then be automatically reassembled, or “reconstituted” in real-time by authorized users and applications.

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The Calamu process enables zero-trust, end-to-end security that is unparalleled by legacy solutions.

Eliminates Data Sensitivity

With a Data Harbor, your data is completely in your control no matter where it is.

No storage location contains all the components necessary to reconstitute the data, making it near impossible for information to be exposed or compromised. While at-rest, information doesn’t exist in a single geography anywhere in the world, known as jurisdiction independence. This greatly simplifies compliance with data privacy regulations like GDPR.

Data Sensitivity