Calamu + Wasabi: Better Together

Create an impenetrable cyber storage vault and protect against data theft and exfiltration.

Combine Award-Winning Data Security with
the World’s Most Affordable Hot Cloud Storage

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Wasabi and Calamu have partnered to offer a cost-effective, highly secure cloud storage solution that prevents data from being stolen or leaked while simultaneously boosting reliability and durability of stored data. Wasabi hot cloud storage is highly affordable and offers high performance object storage for any use case. Calamu turns that storage into a nearly impenetrable cloud cyberstorage vault by adding patented data processing and award-winning security features.  Together, the integrated solution enables you to store data in the cloud without risk that it will be lost, stolen, maliciously encrypted, or held for ransom due to a cyber attack.  

Affordable path to secure cloud storage

Breakthrough Economics and Performance

Wasabi is the hot cloud storage company delivering low-cost, fast, and
reliable cloud storage on-demand. Wasabi’s solution is 80% less expensive
and is faster than first-generation cloud vendors.

Award-Winning Data Security

Robust protection aagainst data theft and exfiltration with automatic breach detection and ransomware self-healing.  Immutability with added protection against data theft and exfiltration

Fast, Affordable Set Up and Integration

Seamless integration and operation with Wasabi environments that enables you to save on stroage costs while also improving data security.  

Get Started with Calamu and Wasabi and Benefit From:


  • Improved reliability and durability of stored data
  • Immutability with added protection against data theft and exfiltration
  • Simplified path to secure hybrid or multi-cloud storage
  • Strenghthened backups 
  • Data that's always available for business operations

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