Calamu for Backup

Make Your Cloud Backups Theft Proof

Theft Proof & Immutable | Fast and Easy Offsite Protection

Protects against data theft better than encryption
Available for use even during a cloud outage
Works with Veeam & major backup solutions

Why go beyond encryption?

Data is not truly safe from ransomware if it can be stolen or accessed in any way. Cloud backup repositories are a rich source of data for hackers and your last line of defense. Did you know...


of attacks reported in 2022 targeted backup repositories 


of ransomware attacks involve data theft


of a company's data isn't recovered after the attack

Backup data is a #1 target!

Reduce your risk of data theft, malicious encryption, and cloud outages.

Calamu creates a hardened, tamper-evident cloud backup repository

With Calamu data cannot be stolen or weaponized by ransomware, even if breached. Our patented engine transforms the way data is stored to ensure that data is worthless when wrongfully accessed or copied offsite, giving your enterprise the ultimate protection.

Award Winning Backup Security

The only solution that will protect your backups against theft & exfiltration

Works With Leading Cloud Backup Solutions

Works with Veeam, Unitrends, and major software-defined storage leaders

Easy to Manage

Rapid deployment with full versioning & reporting capabilities

Cost Effective

Lower your cloud TCO & only pay for what you protect

Theft-Proof & Immutable

Calamu enhances immutable backups to ensure data integrity throughout the lifecycle of an attack. Immutability ensures stored data cannot be altered in any way. Calamu adds critical hands-off security: automatic breach detection and response, and the means to ensure that even copied or stolen data remains unusable to threat actors.

Get it Done in "3-2-1"

No enterprise backup strategy is complete without an offsite copy. The problem is that more backup copies equals more data to protect. Calamu secures your last line of defense and makes alignment with the 3-2-1 backup rule simple and safe, with a plug-and-play cyberstorage solution that hooks into your existing backup framework and applies award-winning security features.

Learn How Calamu Works with Leading Software-Defined Storage Providers