The Most Secure Storage for Veeam

The only scalable backup repository that protects against data theft, ransomware, & cloud outages, using the storage you already have!

The ONLY Storage for Veeam That Prevents Data Theft
Ransomware Safe
More Reliable

Introducing the Data Protection


Store Veeam Backups in a Safe Data Harbor

Many IT teams are not confident in their backup strategy and worry about ransomware pillaging their last line of defense. Calamu provides unparalleled security and easy connectivity with Veeam, making it the smart choice when secure backup storage "just needs to work."

✔️Theft Proof

Protects against data theft in the cloud, even if credentials are compromised or there's a back door vulnerability.

✔️Ransomware Proof

Built-in security scanning will alert if ransomware is detected, and self-heal to ensure you are always in a "restore-ready" position.

  • Anomaly Detection
  • Automatic Self-Healing
  • Monitoring & Alerts
  • Restore Control™ MFA

✔️More Resilient

More resilient than any single cloud, data is available to restore even during an outage, natural disaster, or cyberattack.

  • Multi-Cloud Redundancy
  • Geographic Redundancy
  • Cloud Vendor Agnostic

✔️Higher Availability

Close the "availability gap" with a Data Harbor repository that exceeds your recovery objectives.

  • Highest Data Durability
  • Near Unlimited 9's Possible
  • Automatic Multi-Cloud Switch

✔️2X Faster Performance

Restoring from a Data Harbor is twice as fast due to patented parallel cloud processing.
  • Parallel Cloud Processing
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Uptime Status Alerts

✔️S3-API Compatible

Create a Data Harbor and connect it to Veeam in 30 minutes or less, using industry standards.
  • Easy Configuration
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Highly Customizable



Seamless Integration

Create a Safe Data Harbor in minutes, ready for use by Veeam.

Configure for Success
Secure Veeam Backups

Create a Data Harbor in Minutes

In a few clicks create an enterprise-grade Data Harbor to protect backup data against theft, ransomware, and more.

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