Calamu allows critical digital assets to be stored in the cloud with complete security. Our patented solution allows sensitive data to become breach-proof, resilient, and compliant.


Data processed with Calamu is immune to a data breach. The processed data is stored in a way that makes it unpenetrable and useless to a cyber-criminal. Others may claim to make data "breach-resistant" but with Calamu your data becomes "breach-proof".


Data processed with Calamu is completely immune to a ransomware attack. Should a ransomware attack occur, Calamu processed data is completely and automatically self-healing.


Data processed with Calamu is automatically compliant with certain data privacy regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, PCI, and others. Our "Jurisdiction-Independent" architecture assures that data stored in the cloud can only be produced by the true owner of the data - and not by a 3rd party cloud vendor.

Calamu works with most major cloud providers!


Simple Cyber Security

Calamu was created by experts in cyber security and data privacy. The company has developed a disruptive technology that completely eliminates the risk of a data breach and dramatically simplifies regulatory requirements around data privacy and protection.

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