The World’s Most Secure AWS Backup Solution Just Got Better

June 2, 2022  1 Min Read
By: Calamu

Introducing Cloud Daddy, the ONLY cloud backup solution to protect against double-extortion ransomware attacks.

Powered by Calamu Protect™, Cloud Daddy Secure Backup is the world’s FIRST cloud backup solution to go beyond immutability and protect against data exfiltration and double-extortion ransomware attacks! Cloud Daddy offers AWS cloud customers the most feature-rich solution coupled with advanced security to protect backup data in the cloud with its powerful and easy to use AWS-centric backup and disaster recovery platform.

Calamu Protect builds resiliency and fault tolerance into your data, all the while making it illegible to anyone but your organization to create a safe “data harbor” that makes data unhackable! In the event of a cyber attack, Calamu Protect automatically absorbs the attack with no impact on operations and no downtime. The hacker only gets Digital Sludge™, while the data remains private and secure.

Backup data is just as vulnerable as active data, which is why 70% of businesses believe it’s important to prepare for ransomware that targets backup data specifically. If an attacker is able to get access to backup data, the information is just as valuable as the active data. Using Calamu’s patented processing engine, Cloud Daddy Secure Backup customers enjoy peace of mind that their data truly is safe from even the most sophisticated double-extortion ransomware attack.

Cloud Daddy Secure Backup powered by Calamu Protect offers a seamless integration within the CDSB administrative portal, so it’s easy to activate the additional protection. When AWS instances and volumes are backed up with Cloud Daddy Secure Backup and protected with Calamu, the backup data will automatically be encrypted, fragmented, and scattered into a secure data harbor that is controlled by the enterprise. 

Activating Calamu for use from the Cloud Daddy Secure Backup portal is quick, easy, and affordable. Click below to learn how to start protecting your AWS backups with this powerful integration.

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