Challenging Traditional Storage: Calamu's Multi-Cloud Data Harbors

August 24, 2023  1 Min Read
By: Calamu

Threats and risk to data security have evolved drastically in a short period of time. Today, data theft and exfiltration are seen in over 83% of ransomware attacks, leaving victims with an impossible choice: pay a high ransom or risk having sensitive information published online. 

Mike Matchell from Small World Big Data interviews Calamu's Paul Lewis and Dean Archibald on emerging storage trends to thwart data exfiltration and put an end to ballooning ransom payouts. Introducing the concept of the multi hybrid protected data harbor, the trio explores how to protect data and the storage level so that data stays secure even if traditional security measures have been breached. The data harbor uses physical and cyber security, fragmenting and encrypting data across multiple storage locations to ensure that no single location holds a complete data set. This approach ensures protection against hacks, misconfigurations, offline storage issues, and other breaches, offering full resiliency in a user-friendly solution that deploys rapidly.  

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See Calamu in Action.