Cyberstorage Series Part III: Implementation and FAQs

October 19, 2022  4 Min Read
By: Amelia Foss

In Part I and Part II of our series on Cyberstorage, we examined the emergence of the category and the market drivers behind its adoption, and dissected the features and benefits of a cyberstorage solution. Now, let’s look at how to implement this emerging security technology and where it fits in your existing architecture.  


Implementing Cyberstorage

Adopting a new data security approach or adding a security layer can be a daunting task for any business, especially given the amount of data they produce and store each day. When a category is new, such as cyberstorage, the evaluation and approval process can take even longer. As the category grows, there are a number of ways to implement a cyberstorage solution, depending on the vendor. This article answers some common questions on how to get started.  


What is cyberstorage and why do I need it? 

Cyberstorage is the broad term for a layer of technology that sits between the system infrastructure and the data storage systems and focuses on protecting the data inside with security intelligence features, proactive triggers and a robust methodology of processing the storage environment. Purpose-built to secure data against theft for double extortion ransomware attacks, a cyberstorage solution fills an important gap in the existing security stack. It provides a layer of defense in between the network security intended to keep malware out and the backup solution intended to recover after an event occurs to secure data even in the event of a breach.


How does cyberstorage fit into my existing environment?Blog-Image

Security best practices state that a layered approach is always best. Cyberstorage is intended to work alongside existing security products and slot in as an additional layer of defense against ransomware and data breaches.  The best cyberstorage solutions are built to integrate seamlessly with existing data infrastructure to cover every piece of unstructure data that is in-motion and at-rest.  


Does cyberstorage replace existing security solutions?

While cyberstorage provides enhanced ransomware protection at the data level, it is not intended to replace existing security defenses such endpoint protection, firewalls, MDR, EDR, XDR solutions and others.  


Does cyberstorage replace existing file management or backup?

Cyberstorage solutions may vary across the market. The Calamu Protect solution is intended to hook into existing file management systems and backup solutions to bolster data security within those environments. When evaluating a cyberstorage solution, it is recommended to pay close attention to the integration partners that your chosen vendor works with.  


What are the benefits of a cyberstorage solution?

  • Unprecedented security against data theft and exfiltration to guard against multi-faceted ransomware extortion attacks

  • Secure file sharing and transfers

  • Automatic breach detection and self-healing that absorbs the attack and eliminates downtime

  • Granular details and control over data storage and access for increased efficiency

Are there additional features beyond data security?

Some cyberstorage solutions provide additional efficiencies beyond data security.  Calamu Protect, for example, includes built-in version control as well as external file sharing. 


Does cyberstorage help meet regulatory compliance? 

Cyberstorage should simplify the path to regulatory compliance. Built-in security features such as encryption and data fragmentation meet due-diligence standards for security protocols while next-generation intelligence and proactive triggers follow compliance requirements for remediation. Additionally, in-depth reporting of an incident at the data-level provides granular-level intelligence on an attack for post-incident reporting.  It can be argued that data that is scattered across regions and providers may be considered “jurisdiction independent” in certain circumstances, which dramatically reduces the risk of non-compliance.

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Getting started:

Interested in seeing how Calamu’s cyberstorage platform fits into your environment?  Schedule a customized demo with our expert team or see for yourself with a test drive.  



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