Looking Ahead to RSAC 2023

April 12, 2023  3 Min Read
By: Amelia Foss

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” Helen Keller’s words inspired this year’s RSA Conference theme: Stronger Together. Cybersecurity has always been a team sport. Bringing together layers of technology, expert insights, research, and the participation from the entire community of employees and individuals alike is crucial to the field’s advancement. And now more than ever, as cyberattacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated and frequent, no single entity can defend against them alone. This year’s conference, held in San Francisco at the end of April, promises to showcase the leading solutions through expert-led sessions, keynotes, networking and more. Here’s what we’re looking forward to the most.


The Latest in Data Security

Calamu is a proud participant of the Early Stage Expo where the latest innovators in cybersecurity showcase new solutions. Within the Early Stage Expo, the emerging cyberstorage category has a strong presence. Cyberstgorage, as termed by Gartner, is a true representative of this year’s RSA theme as it brings together high-performance security intelligence with accessible data storage for unprecedented security at the data level. Through cyberstorage, security teams who have long been the holdout on wide scale cloud, may find a reason to rejoice as this revolutionary technology enables companies to not only reap the benefits of multi-cloud architecture but also eliminate the risk of data exposure at the same time. 

Find Calamu at the Early Stage Expo in booth 48 and join Calamu CEO, Paul Lewis, at the briefing center on April 26 @ 11 AM to learn more about Cyberstorage.  See Briefing Details.


The Role of AI

Artificial intelligence is undoubtedly one of the most intriguing cybersecurity topics this year with keynotes and sessions ranging from how to leverage AI for security purposes to protecting against the risks that AI brings. AI-powered cybersecurity solutions can analyze massive amounts of data and identify patterns and anomalies that may be indicative of a cyberattack. It has powered advancements in threat hunting and detection/response. Yet, AI is also vulnerable to manipulation and organizations around the globe are discussing how to manage risk.  


Surviving Ransomware

As ransomware evolves away from the pay-to-decrypt model, more nefarious extortion tactics have emerged. Stolen data is now being used as a weapon against the organization to coerce companies into paying big ransoms or have their data published online.  Much of this year’s RSA Conference topics are dedicated to the current state of ransomware: how to protect against it, how to survive when it breaks in, how it’s changing, and what we can learn from recent attacks. Calamu cyberstorage is purpose-built to withstand a data exfiltration attack so we’re excited to hear from the community of experts and help shape the conversation.


The Human Experience

As the conference theme indicates, this year’s event brings together a variety of topics and speakers that take the narrative beyond the traditional.  From keynotes on What the Universe Sounds Like with Astrophysicist, Matt Russo, to the Language of Being Human with Poet Ali, to guest appearances from actor, Christopher Lloyd, singer, Chris Stapleton, and Monty Python co-creator, Eric Idle, this year’s lineup reminds us that cybersecurity impacts all aspects of our lives. Check out the full lineup of keynotes and sessions


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