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Leading marketing firm Luckie & Co works with some of the biggest names in healthcare including major pharmaceutical companies like Galderma and GSK. The company offers a mix of creative services, business intelligence, and data analytics. Handling HIPAA data and personally identifiable information means they are extremely dedicated to cybersecurity and compliance. Using a Calamu Data Harbor helps them meet high security standards and affords them a competitive edge in the industry.

“We needed a way to segment sensitive data and keep it secure, such as PII for analytics and client HIPAA data. You can’t get more secure than having a system like Calamu’s, and the way it works is so automated, it was just a no-brainer.” –Lanny Everett, Director of IT


  • Restricting access to sensitive client PII and HIPAA data
  • Protecting internal company file shares against ransomware and data theft
  • Offering advanced security for competitive differentiation


  • Deployed a Calamu Data Harbor to secure 20TB of data against ransomware, data theft, manipulation, and deletion
  • Distributed data across multiple clouds for greater resilience against outages
  • Added vault-level MFA for zero-trust access controls

Luckie & Co. is a marketing services company dedicated to helping their client partners outsmart luck. The sentiment holds true for the IT department’s approach to data security –  luck isn’t enough when entrusted with sensitive client information that includes PII and HIPAA data.

Improving Data Security for Competitive Advantage in Healthcare

The media and marketing sector is one of the top six industries that most commonly falls prey to data breaches. With multiple business units under the Luckie umbrella, including Luckie Travel and their new healthcare division Luckie Health, the 70 year old marketing firm is extremely dedicated to protecting the data they operationalize for clients. Luckie considers their commitment to cybersecurity a competitive advantage.

“Luckie has made data security a priority – to protect our client partners from the devastating consequences of a data breach, including identity theft, fraud, financial liabilities and damage to an organization’s reputation,” said Kamala Prince, VP Managing Director of Luckie Health.

Luckie works with some of the largest names in healthcare, including major pharmaceutical companies like Galderma and GSK, and offers a mix of creative services, business intelligence and data analytics. The company first implemented Calamu to secure their own data services systems.

“We secure our internal systems the way our clients would secure their own,” said Lanny Everett, Director of IT. “And we continually make improvements to our platforms, which means we are offering our partners a proven, secure system to protect their data.”

Implementing a Secure Data Harbor

Luckie’s hybrid approach to infrastructure includes using the public cloud to store data, with replication across multiple sites for employee use and disaster recovery. A restricted file share is used for internal business related data, housing many tens of TB’s of data.

Director of IT, Lanny Everett, is a veteran in the information technology space and recognizes the need to stay ahead of the curve in cybersecurity. As part of Luckie’s latest SOC2 Type 2 compliance evaluation, he discovered Calamu.

“Being SOC2 Type 2 compliant enlightens you to what you need to do internally. We go through regular security assessments to reveal any gaps that need to be filled, and we determined a need to segment sensitive data and keep it secure such as PII for analytics. I started researching options for data security, and Calamu caught my attention as a very innovative solution. I’ve dealt with RAID systems for many years, so I immediately recognized the value of using a Data Harbor – you can’t get more secure than having a system like theirs.”

Calamu Data Harbors intelligently fragment and distribute data across multiple clouds, ensuring that even if attackers get past perimeter defenses, they will not be able to access stored data or weaponize it against the organization. Data Harbors are also highly resilient, with the ability to automatically self-heal from an attack or outage to ensure uninterrupted access to data.

“I’ve onboarded a lot of solutions in my years, and Calamu ranks at the top of any solutions we’ve ever implemented – the knowledge base of the support team was extraordinary.”

Future-Proofing for Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial Intelligence is changing the cybersecurity landscape, and can make adversaries harder to detect. The Luckie IT team recognizes the need for robust solutions that will keep data secure and accessible, even as attack methods evolve.

“Artificial intelligence is changing the way attacks are perpetrated, and we need to stay ahead of the curve and stay well protected,” says Lanny. “Calamu is one of the things that does that. If there’s an attack, we can shut it down and save all our data – so if there is a breach, it’s still secure.”

Learn more about Luckie & Co’s secure marketing services by visiting the company website.


About Luckie & Co

Luckie is a creative, data-driven agency that builds brands and brand experiences to solve real business problems and achieve results luck can't explain. One of the top, privately held marketing firms in the Southeast, Luckie has offices in Birmingham, Atlanta, Raleigh and Dallas.



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