Next-gen resilience:
the ultimate data superpower

Keeping data confidential is only half the battle. Calamu gives you the ability to automatically self-heal from cyber attacks and instantly recover from threats that break through your data defense.

Distributed. Immutable. Ephemeral.

With the ability to protect and recover from unwanted access or manipulation, a Calamu data harbor is the ideal solution for data resiliency. Data is distributed across multiple storage locations in immutable and unidentifiable fragments, giving entirely new meaning to confidentiality. In the event of a data breach, fragments are redistributed and the breach is instantly sealed off.


Automatically self-heal from a data breach.

Calamu protects your data from a would-be disaster by instantly responding to suspicious anomalies. Fragments are redistributed and the environment automatically returns to full resiliency.


Recover instantly from ransomware.

With Calamu, you can toss that ransom note in the trash. Whether ransomware targets attached storage or a local machine, you can recover without lost data or downtime.


Sequester compromised storage locations.

When a suspicious data anomaly is detected, Calamu immediately sequesters the compromised storage location for later inspection and prevents any further infiltration.


Eliminate downtime or lengthy backup loads.

Data remains accessible to the rightful owners, even if a particular storage location is offline or has been sequestered as the result of a cyber attack.


Prevent unwanted manipulation.

Calamu turns data into immutable fragments that are immune to nefarious manipulation.


Use any combination of cloud or on-premise storage.

Whether you prefer to use cloud storage or have existing investments on-premises, Calamu protects your data and makes it ultimately resilient.


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