Calamu Protect™ Now Available in AWS Marketplace

August 23, 2022  3 Min Read
By: Calamu

CLINTON, N.J., Aug. 23, 2022 -- Calamu, the world's first company to introduce virtual data harbors as a method for eliminating the risk of a double-extortion ransomware attack, today announced the availability of their namesake product Calamu Protect in AWS Marketplace, a curated digital catalog from Amazon Web Services (AWS) that customers can use to find, buy, deploy, and manage third-party software, data, and services to build and run their businesses. 

Calamu customers and partners can take advantage of streamlined purchasing and quoting options offered through AWS Marketplace. With no additional contracts or terms to agree to, Calamu customers have the flexibility to choose popular licensing terms for fast and easy onboarding, or may request custom pricing options from Calamu directly. 

"We are delighted to offer Calamu's data-first security software to AWS customers, making it easy for businesses to further secure their valuable data against theft and multi-layered ransomware attacks," said Nick Ryan, Vice President of Marketing at Calamu. "Availability in AWS Marketplace ensures flexible deployment options and makes it easy for customers to get Calamu Protect up and running fast."

Complementing existing information technology (IT) security frameworks, Calamu Protect bridges the gap between perimeter defenses and recovery solutions by addressing the growing threat of data theft and data exfiltration. Its patented technology automatically encrypts and fragments data into pieces, then scatters them across geographically dispersed storage locations, helping to neutralize any breach, exfiltration attempt, or ransomware attack by ensuring a complete file does not exist in any single location.

Integration With Cloud Daddy Secure Backup

Earlier this year, the company announced integration with Cloud Daddy Secure Backup  to offer AWS Marketplace customers a feature-rich solution to protect backup data in the cloud. Further securing AWS with Calamu for Cloud Daddy Secure Backup helps ensure that data is protected against ransomware variants that specifically target backup data as a way to remove an organization's safety net.

"Thanks to our partnership with Calamu, Cloud Daddy Secure Backup now goes beyond immutability and directly protects against data theft and double-extortion ransomware attacks," says Lilly Golberg, Board Member for Cloud Daddy Secure Backup. "Calamu's availability in AWS Marketplace makes it easy for Cloud Daddy Secure Backup customers to take advantage of this integration, and rest easy knowing their backup data cannot be copied offsite and used against them."

Explore Calamu Protect in AWS Marketplace .


About Calamu

Calamu was founded by experts in cybersecurity and data privacy with the mission of making the cyber world a safer place. The company is pioneering the use of data-first technology to automatically mitigate the impact of a ransomware attack or data breach, whether data is stored in the cloud or on-premises. The Calamu platform enables businesses to maintain complete ownership of their data, preventing unauthorized access and dramatically simplifying regulatory requirements around data privacy and protection. For more information on Calamu visit .


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